Out of term activities

As well as our regular weekly sessions we also programme specific half term projects and activities across the Forest of Dean.

Here’s a selection of past holiday activities:

“Radio Days”

Ages 12-18



A two day intensive project whereby a group of young people had the opportunity to rehearse and record a radio play at the Forest of Dean radio station, complete with live sound effects! And the show will be aired on the station later this year.

Watch this space!

River Severn Project @ Lydney Docks


The youth theatre were invited to take part in an open air festival celebrating the history of the River Severn. Along with professional Bristol based theatre group, ‘Deperate Men’ the youth theatre devised, rehearsed and then performed several live group sequences along the guided tour of Lydney Docks.

With great weather and a good audience, the youth theatre experienced a true promenade performance experience, interacting with the audience and performing the pieces a number of times throughout the day.

A big thank you to ‘Desperate Men’ for inviting us along!

“Find us in the Forest”

Ages 8-18

Forest of Dean – Various Locations

Kindly funded by a Youth Opportunities Grant, our summer summer this year consisited of a four day intensive theatre week whereby young people hadthe opportunity to visit various key tourist attractions in and around the Forest of Dean, creating a a brand new piece of theatre each day, open to family and friends. A great summer challenge!

Here’s the places we visited and some more information:

Clearwell Caves

Story Title: ‘The Haunting of Albert Watts’

A spooky take of miner Albert Watts and his family as he embarked on a new life in the mines of the Forest of Dean.

The Dean Heritage Centre

Story Title: ‘A Step back in time’

A reconstruction of victorian life for the family. A schoolroom scene with a strict Miss Hannigan, games in the schoolyard, life at the home and play in the woods.


Story Title: ‘The return of the black cat!’

A mystery tale focusing on the mysterious black cat of the Forest of Dean. Did it strike again or was there more to this tale then met the eye?

Perrygrove Railway

Story Title: ‘Murder on the Perrygrove Railway!’

Director Montgomery Smith has been murdered whilst working on his latest film. A number of supsects are called. Who was responsible? Who was innocent and guity? A clasic whodunnit for the Forest of Dean!

For details on how to get involved please contact us!