AIR in G was set up back in 2000 to enable primarily rural communities across Gloucestershire the opportunity to experience high quality artistic events at their local hall or community centre without too much worry about the cost. More than a decade later around 50 different villages now host events each year the length and breadth of the County.

How it works – every May we produce a ‘menu’ of events – at least twenty exciting and diverse performances from which village Promoters can choose. They then send in a simple application form and we proceed to liase with the various artists and organise a working timetable. When all dates are secure we produce a publicity leaflet which is distributed throughout the County to promote the season – pleasingly many events sell-out.

At one particular performance two couples, who had not previously met before, found themselves at the same table. They began to talk at the interval and ended up sharing a few jokes and a bottle of wine. At the end of the night they exchanged addresses only to discover they had been living next door to one another for eight years without meeting! Community events really do bring people together.

Past performances have included puppetry, circus, comedy, drama and many different forms of music. More information on our rural touring programme can be found here.

If you would like to know more about AIR in G please contact the Scheme Administrator, Ed O’Driscoll on (01989) 566644 and if you’re on Facebook please check out our page – just click on the symbol and you’ll go straight there.