Welcome to our 20th Anniversary Season and our brand new website!

Welcome to our 20th Anniversary Season and our brand new website!

We’ve missed you all, but hopefully we’re rapidly approaching the day when we can put the last 18 months behind us and get back to business (almost) as usual.

Within this site you’ll find exciting performances that will be  taking place in village halls and community centres the length and breadth of Gloucestershire between September 2021 and April 2022. There are a couple of shows returning to Gloucestershire after a few years including Moscow Drug Club and Michael Lunts, but among the new arrivals we’re delighted to welcome Noble Jacks with their high-energy folk influenced Americana rhythms, as well as Jazz FM’s David Freeman who with Mark Harrison and his band have crafted an uplifting and informative evening of modern and classic blues songs in their show ‘Blues People’. Younger audiences will be thrilled by ‘Ugg ‘n’ Ogg and the World’s First Dogg’ while older audiences might be interested in a brand new show that lovingly recreates the work and music of Victoria Wood ‘Looking for Me Friend’. 

We’ve made some changes that we hope will make your lives easier including the facility to book tickets directly through this site! Hopefully you’ll find something that takes your fancy and while there could still be a few bumps along the road for the foreseeable future we believe if we work together we can bring a little  AIR in G magic to audiences across the County. We hope to get the chance to see you all again very soon and truly look forward to raising a glass to celebrate two decades of Arts in Rural Gloucestershire.

S T A Y   S A F E.


Ed O’Driscoll

AIR in G Executive Director

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